Upgrade: Fork Spring Rates for 2001 DRZ-S??

I am going to be changing the front springs on my 2001 "S" and wondered what you guys recommend. I am 210lbs with gear and looking for stiffer springs but not so much that they feel harsh... I don't do a lot of jumping, just agressive trail riding and such. Will I see a big improvement without doing the valves? Also, the rear spring rate for the shock seems acceptable but not great... do you recommend absolutely changing that out as well.

Money is an option, so I will be doing the work myself.

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

i jsut did mine springs on my 2001 s i am about 220 and my front springs i got were .48 and the rear is 5.70 have not yet dialed them in yet but that will be soon i have been riding it of the softest settings and can tell a differnce i will let you know once i get it dialed in


Go to the Race Tech website and enter all your info such as skill level, terrain you ride, weight, etc. and they'll give you a recommendation for springs, emulators (forks) and gold valves (shock) along with a good starting point for the compression and rebound adjustments.

You can get the springs and if it feels like thats all ya needed then good, but if you find yourself wanting more out of your suspension then go for the emulators.

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