Idle Screw Adjustment Question

I am having an idle problem when the bike is hot and have tried adjusting the idle screw. I have turned the idle screw in both directions and it doesnt seem to make a difference.

1. Do you have to push in or pull out on the nob while turning it?

2. Which direction does what?

Any advise is appreciated

Are you turning the black knob below the choke lever? That should raise or lower your idle.

Check out Matt's website, this may help.

In this picture, Coast enricher on, you can see a star shaped knob just below the fuel hose. This knob should raise or lower your idle. It should turn both clockwise and counter clockwise. Otherwise you may try adjusting the fuel screw which is shown in a different picture.

Yes, the star shaped knob is the one I am adjusting. I twisted it about fifteen times in both directions and it made no difference in the idle.

Which direction will raise the idle..clockwise or counter-clockwise?

Going by memory only, I thought it was the clockwise direction. I would have to have my bike here with me to confirm that. I think the owners manual mentions this also. I will try to look tonight when I get home.

You turn it clockwise to increase your idle speed. I don't have to turn mine very much to notice the difference. Something doesn't sound right about your situation.

Checked the manual last night, page 47 shows the knob.

Sounds like you may need to talk to some of the guys who have gone through the carb mods. Maybe take the carb off and check it out.

Thanks for the feedback guys. I'll continue to mess with it.

I think that the core of my problem may be that I need to adjust the fuel screw first. The bike is now back firing on occasions, which leads me to beleive that it is running to rich or to lean. Perhaps adjusting the idle screw will make a noticable difference after the fuel screw is adjusted proberly.....I hope

When you turn the black knob attached to the hose that adjusts your idle speed can you see it turning the screw attached to the carb? Try and get into a position where you can actually see if turning the knob is adjusting the carb.


Yeah, What Matt said. The idle rpm adjustment knob is just turning a throttle stop screw. Odds are if it isn't doing anything the cable is broken or something.

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