shock spring?

85-111/250 stamped on it, does anyone know what this is?

Came off a 520.

It's a PDS4 (8.5/11.0). The last number is length in mm. The PDS springs are measured at 20mm (compressed) which is called "C1" & at 100mm compressed which is called "C2".










Also note that the PDS-5 thru 8 are 260mm long. PDS 0-4 are 250mm long.

Jeb, where do you get this stuff, man? :) This is why I'm so happy with going orange, no matter what you ask someone knows more about it than you would ever want to know!

I save it from older posts in .txt files and pull it out when needed to make myself look smart. I'm long in the tooth on the KTM forums, I'm afraid. :)

thanks Jeb. Would this be the correct spring

for fast woods riding? Weight is #225 less gear.


Yes, it should be just about right on the money for you. If you ride slower, rough stuff all the time, a PDS3 or PDS8 might give you a little plusher ride.

thanks jeb, what do you recommend for front springs?

.46 or .48, depending on terrain and speeds you ride at.

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