What would power be like?

I was thinking of boring my TTR125l out. That 170cc kit is looking bad! But I think that my track would recognize. They allow 150cc 4 strokes to be raced in the 80 class, so I think I may bore it to a 150. How would the power be like? Like, how fast and powerful is it? I want the bike to be pretty mean. Could I run the stock carb with it? Just want a little info.


With 150 kit look for about 11 to 12 hp at rear wheel stock is 7.5

really 11-12 hp??

The bike will respond well to the big bore. More torque will be the most obvious result. It should go well with the stock carb. Rejetting will be minimal if any at all as a big bore will suck more fuel out of the jets. Often on 2 stroke big bores you jet leaner. It willeasily pull higher gearing. 14/54 and even higher. When you add the other mods, carb, cam, porting you will get up to around the magical 11-12 hp. A big bore wont deliver that alone. Keep in mind your class size restrictions. Bigger than 150 may not be eligible to race.

I think that they will allow me to race in the begginer 80 class with a TTR150. I would for sure double check that but I think that is right. I think right now I have more important mods to worry about like I need a triple clamp. I'm about to purchase the PRC clamp. If it won't be a drastic increase of power I may not do it. I found out this past race that it isn't always the bike your riding, its the rider.

would the track officials even notice if its a 170? how could they tell. i have never seen a bike that has been bored before, does the appearance change?

Go for the 170cc kit. I mean come on, even with a 170 I don't think you'll get more than 16 horses tops. A stock 85cc is around 20-21hp so it's not like you would have an unfair advantage. You'll still get smoked on the starts.

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