Is C-Dale going out of business?

My friend is looking into getting a C-Dale. Is this a good idea? Are they staying in business? Any info will be appreciated, Thanks

The motorsports division is being auctioned off around the 20th of March. We will all know more by then. They are in chapter 11 right now. To buy one now is :)?

My understanding is that parts are not currently a problem (GP/jschner/HR/Bruce - am I right?). Cdale prices are ... WAY low. I can't imagine buying a new Cdale could be any worse a decision than buying any other brand used bike. Possibly no worse than buying any other brand new, too ... the warranty could be something to consider, though.

Cannondale was sitting on a buttload of parts for assembly of new rigs that never got assembled and are sending out parts today. MAZ from Cannondaler is starting a parts site soon to coordinate parts with dealers and such. I'll post the link here when they decide on a name and get it going.

Some of the parts for the stud update can't be had because they were really specialty items but a work around is in progress that appears to be much better than Cannondale's solution. Lots of smart guys out there.

In seven days we will know who the new owners are and hopefully they ramp things up fairly quickly.

the warranty could be something to consider

I think the warranty (or lack thereof) is going to be the same as most jap dirtbikes ... NOTHING.

Thanks for the info. I assume the biggest concern for everyone is parts. I went through a similiar problem last year with my GasGas when Spain decided to take over The U.S distributorship. I couldn't find any parts and people were ready to dump their GG's but all is well now.

Does anyone know when the sale date is? I thought it was the 20th, but I remember someone saying the 17th?

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