Uncorking the BRP

I know everyone says to do it, and I know that I am going to do it within the next month, but how loud is my bike going to be?

Any idea on the stock db level vs the uncorked db level?

The best way to tell is to do all the uncorkin' and make sure you have the new HRC tip on your pipe. Then have a buddy start your bike while you put your ear right next to the 40mm opening. Yep, it will sound louder! :D

Just kidding. Your Pig will sound & run like a man's machine. It's louder but not at all obnoxius. Of course I'm the guy that had a lot of blazing guitar amps blasting next to MY ears, so maybe I'm not the best guy to comment. I think I'll go now! :)

Set your cork FREE! :D

If you use the correct 40mm competition exhaust tip, which is part of the power up kit, then the bike will be much louder, but not annoying. Just try it and see what you think. I think it sounds great. Your only other option is to drill the stock tip to 34mm, which is fairly quiet, but the power is too lame!!! So get the 40mm tip, install the power up kit, and enjoy a TRULY powerful bike!! Caution: the power up kit causes the bike to be very very TOUCHY on the throttle, so be careful and have fun!


P.S. The Power up kit will include the "competition jet needle".. Install this, and set it to the 3rd position, NOT the 4th position as some of the magazines say. They are talking about the "stock" jet needle, not the competition needle.. YOu should get the competition needle! Set to 3rd position! 4th position causes weak low end response! And we want STRONG low end response!

Check out my website for the details on uncorking!

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