Those of you who have regreased your linkage

I'm going to do the regrease thing tomorrow on my linkage and swingarm. I have some Maxium (i know the spelling is wrong) waterproof grease. Would that stuff be ok or is there something better?



That should work ok. I prefer Bel-Ray Waterproof Grease myself. The one that comes in the little white tub and blue top

Watch the torque on the bottom linkage bolt, don't go by what the book says. I did and stripped the nut right off.

I think I went about 8ft.lbs less after that happened.

I've learned the hard way not to trust the book on the torque specs. I am probally going to get flamed but I now just use loctite and the hand torque meter and haven't had anything fall off yet.



I used the Silkolean (sp) synthetic grease in the cheez whiz can... Man it is soooo nice and easy to use... I also agree about the torque specs... I tried it but stopped because it felt too tight...

I'm glad you mentioned that greese. I just read about it in the one of the new mx rags and was a little hesitant for some reason. But if you are using it with good results that is good enough for me. I like the way it is dispensed.


Silkolene in the "cheese whiz" can is the fastest and cleanest way to grease. Add to that Silkolene is a quality product. I would recommend it to anyone.

I use Bel-Ray as well.


Dude, I must say this. I do not wish to flame you for torque specs as I subscribe to the same theory. However, your picture with the stick figure fight sequence with the guys fighting and the ensuing bloodbath is totally turning me off. Every time you ask for advice or post, I skip over it. Please update it with a picture of you blasting a berm or skying over a triple or a hot chick or something cool instead of violent.

Hey Antman,

I respect your opinion. I've PM'd you several times in the past and you have always been gratious enough to take the time to answer my questions. You have also posted to my questions many times, always with good advice and a friendly attitude. I'm sorry that my avatar is disturbing to you, I personally find it humorous and have no plans of changing it until I have a picture of me blasting a berm or clearing a jump. I have yet to sack up to a tripple, maybe one day. Again I respect your opinion, afterall we are well entitled to it. If it means that you will not offer me advice because of it then so be it. I hope the day I can replace it with one of me on my CRF you will resume offering up your great experience and advice to me. Thank you again for your advice to this point and please don't take this the wrong way. Until then...


I use Maxima. BE CAREFUL. There are needle bearings not in races. Don't lose any. Yes it is a pain in the ass.

use whatever grease you have if you do it as often as you should the grease type will not matter. and I have found that it will save a lot of hassle to push out the the metal tube about 1/2 to 3/4 of the way and grease up then push it the other way about the same and grease other side. if you do it this way the tube will keep the needle bearings in place.

Idiot me. Good tip on not pushing the sleeves all of the way out. Then the needle bearings don't get lost. Do each side though.

IF you are going to really clean and grease throughtly

I have a pretty cool trick for removing the needle bearings I take a telescoping pen magnet and stick it in the center of the bearing and all needle bearing stick to it ,I have not lost a bearing since :) i started doing it this way

Thanks for all the advice guys. I'm going to pick up a can of the cheese wiz greese. I like the idea of not pushing the sleave all the way out.


I did mine yesterday. Silkolene is awesome, at least the "grease whiz" dispenser. Hopefully, it's good grease :). Anyway, I did pull the sleeves out and didn't have any issue with pin bearing falling out, (new bike with a pretty good slather of factory grease in there.)

I have a large magnetic dish that I do all my needle bearing cleaning and greasing over. Those little suckers are pain to find if they fall. The magnetic dish is really slick.

For those of you having problems with the torque specs stripping threads.Unless noted all torque specs are for DRY fasteners.When using anti-sieze or grease REDUCE torque by 20% and all is good. :)

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