winter storage (02 wr 426)

I was wondering what some of you guys do to your bike when you store it for a extended period of time. I live in Michigan and will be storing it for the winter. Any tips would be great. Thanks

I drain my gas. Let the bike run its self out of gas. Put in an old plug that dosent work and change the oil. I take off the chain and put it in a bag of oil, grease all the bearings that i can get to so water dosent rust anything away and i put it up on the stand. That is what i do. Not sure if you need to use stabul fuel stabalizer or not. Cant remember.

I bought a new '02 recently, and if I remember correctly the book says to drain tank and carb, add a teaspoon of engine to the cylinder (through the spark plug hole)and crank the engine a couple of times, place the bike on a stand so the weight is off the wheels. There may be more.... Read the manual that came with the bike, it has alot of usefull info and tips

IF you got access to all the time I would just but it on a stand and start it a few times a month

Then before you take it out in the spring change the oil and gas. This works great as you get to ride up and down the driveway and dream about :) summer.


Winter storage? What a waste! Get a set of good spike-tires, and you'll have the time of your life, I promise! :)

Buy some Stabil and put on some Telleborgs or spike your own. Electric handwarmers help too, just have your stator rewound for some juice. Even if you are just moto-skating up and down your street for a half hour on weekends it is better than letting it sit. I go out in snow storms and cruise down the street (no traffic please) then blip the throttle to do a 180while still moving in the original direction. Great for practicing balance and if you fall you just slide on your snowsuit with plenty of padding. Don't park it find a way to enjoy it.

Winter Storage?!?!?! But, knobbies can be so entertaining in the snow. One of the most entertaining rides in my life was down a trail with about 3 inches of snow on it. Just enough to hid the rocks.....until the front tire found them. Talk about honing your reflexes!!!


Does anyone know where I can find out more information about riding in snow/ice?

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