Canadian Rumors. Did the 03 Canadian Yamaha OFF-ROAD shipment really sink in the SanFrancisco Bay. Rumors have it There cleaning them up for Canadian distribution. I`m awaiting a new WR250F c/w "wrong side of bike button" & will send it write back if I can confirm rumor. HELP before I sell `01.

Walt Healy and ProAm have the WR250F in stock.

Not sure about SF Bay :)

If that happened, I'd definitely hear about it. I live in the Bay Area. It almost made the front page when Travis Pastrana launched his bike into the bay. I'd have to say no way.


AND would anyone no the legalities of disclosure : related to rumours questions. And should somthing like that be disclosed by Yam? Opinions please.

Haha, that should be on MTV's "The big urban legend show" There is no legal way they could sell those bikes at a new price if that happened. Also, they would have to tell you about something like that. Honestly, I would love to buy a bike like that and later find out that it actually happened. I'd sue (I'm really against sueing) but instead of asking for a crap load of money, I'd just ask for 2 new 03' YZ 250F's and free OEM parts when ever I need them. I wouldn't try to get a few mill. out of them cause I hate retarted law suits like that. WHOAWWWWWW, didn't I just get WAAAAAAAAAY off topic. haha

Reminds me of new car dealers selling cars that got hit by hail sitting on the lot. Yes they were new and some were repaired, but they still had to disclose that to you.

Lawsuit city if they sell you damaged goods. They would never take that chance on such a small item in the big picture. Wasn't there a big lawsuit on a new BMW down south similar to this. I don't remember the details but I think he bought a brand new BMW only to find out it was a repaired after a wreck. He won alot of money from them and thats why it made the news. Really not worth the risk to the dealer or Yamaha.

I doubt that would happen ("cleaning them up for Canadian distribution").

That's why companies INSURE their shipments.

I'm in the south bay and havent heard of it happening either.

But, yeah, they'd hafta fess up on it to sell them.

If it did happen, I'm running down to the scuba shop for lessons!!!!!

All I know is that if my crate shows up with any sea weed on it, it's going right back!! :)

'03 WR250F In the mail

'03 TTR225 Snorkle back in, UNI air filter (For Sale!!)

'97 CBR600

'88 ZX600 (for sale)

'88 BW80 (for sale)

I know his would not happen as Yamaha would get their money and they would also get to claim them as sold / market share for 2003 in the area that the insurance check came from. I have been there done that in my job.

Inglis Cycle in London have several WR450s and WR250s in stock right now.

My old roommate is a crane operator. He was called to help upright some train cars that derailed. The train was loaded with new cars and some were damaged and some were still perfect. He asked if he could buy one that was in perfect shape, he was told no and that they will all be crushed and recycled because they no longer could be sold as "new" because they were in an "accident", even though they were ok........... :) probably has to do with liabilty, if someone bought one and the car was structurally damaged and noone saw it, it could potentially cause an accident and then guess who gets sued........the manufacturer :D

The laws of disclosure have come a fair way in the last 30 years...

I remember an incident where a ship load of cars was held up by a maritime strike... no boats allowed to dock, so this boat was put to anchor at sea for a couple of months... when it was over, all the boats were unloaded, including these cars, and they were sold as new... 2 years later, they have totally rusted out... no compensation from the dealers or the Japanese manufacturer... people got ripped off on that one...


Sounds like BS to me. Yamaha would be walking on some awfully thin ice doing something like that. A shipment like that would be insured, Yamaha would collect a big fat cheque, and then it would be the insurance company's problem. I do remember reading in the paper a few months back that BMW's entire UK '03 allocation of cars sunk on a cargo ship off of the English Channel. :):D :D

A big fat what? did you mean check? :)


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