An 03 125l question.....

I started jumping my ttr about the second week i bought it and i have built up to some pretty hefty stuff for that little offroad bike- almost wish i got a yz250f...but anyways, its too late to get another one since i'm selling it soon to help buy an R6, so i have encountered a problem. I want to jump my bike but I dont know the tolerances with that thing. I weigh about 125 and i'm hittin jumps about 5 ft. high, 15 or so ft. long pinned in 3rd or low 4th. Is this possibly an area of concern for me (my frame that is)?? Am i going to need to buy a frame cradle, frame, etc????! please help

a 125 lbs. on a R6...sweet :)

Even though you are pretty darn light. I would suggest the stiffer springs and the frame cradle. I weigh 118lbs and I love the stiff springs and cradle mainly because I jump my bike so hard. Even though the suspension won't feel like a YZ it still helps the little bike alot. The cradle prevents your frame from breaking and it you ride with more confidence after you install it. I recommend both products.

i know people would reccomend those items but has anyone on here actually broken a frame from jumping and what-not? I know there is one topic on here-some kid was looking for a frame cause his was beyond repair...

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