Cutting 03 exhaust????

Sorry for the newbie question but I can't figure it out. If I cut the exhaust on my 03, where do you make the cut? It looks as if I cut it the mounting bolts and holes will not line up. Can anyone clarify this for me? Thanks, Justin.

You're actually cutting the can, past where the last mounting bracket is welded on. You drill out the rivets in the end cap and remove it. Cut the can, making it shorter, then drill new holes in it to accept new rivets to put the end cap back on. Watch while cutting, you will see after you remove the end cap, that the center pipe extends out a little further than the can itself does. You'll have to cut it so that it will line up the same way.

Its pretty simple. I did it in about 1 1/2 hrs with tin snips and a sawsall (love those things). You can cut up to about 4" from the end of the pipe remember.

Hi Jared, What about the powerband it is the same than before? Any loss?????

How many of you have done this mod to the 03? What were the affects on performance? Is it louder with the can cut down?

I'd like to do this myself to insure a little against subframe damage, but don't want to sacrifice much power or get much louder.

You know I'm not sure if there is realy a diffrence but it does seem a bit louder. There might be a little more on the bottem end. My riding pal and I drag after every littel mod we do. Hes on a, shhhh 426 and I had him a little quicker on the bottem but he still takes me on top. If anything it does protect or prevent damage which is a plus.

I would be worried about the noise. There's a state rec area here, Silver Lake, that's testing four 94 db this year (according the State's DNR web site). :) If you're over, you're out. I think lot of quieter pipes will be coming out on the market around here.

Thanks for the info guys. I was a little scared to cut into my baby like that. hack saw and tin snips and she's good to go. Thanks , Justin

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