Finding TDC on 08


I can't believe I couldn't find anything while searching for this, but I made the mistake of removing the camshafts before looking at the flywheel.

Now, on my older Yamahas, the flywheel clearly had an "H" for whatever, and an "I" for TDC. This new one has three "I"s with what look like two scratches in between the first two ones (the ones that would make up the "H" in the old bikes).

Is TDC the last line? The manual says crap all about this, only to align the "TDC mark" with the marks on the cover.

TDC is the last line to the right, just as it always has been.

Thanks for the confirmation. I went with my gut feeling and set the timing that way(last line on the right). If I really squint the markings on the left might still be an H.

i stick a screw driver in the plug hole,(gray idea) works the best.

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