Thank you all! and the baby bottle idea works!

Well, if you havent read it, I bought a brand new CRF, brought it to Hollister Hills, warmed it up, got my gear on, stalled it (oops) and it never started since! I took it home after HOURS of kick starting it. I had spark, fuel and compression. With everyone's advice, took apart the carb, re-checked the valves (decompression was a little loose and corrected it) and for the heck of it, I put in a new plug (an NGK). The factory one was a denso. The fuel screw is 1.25 turns out and it started FIRST kick and even started FIRST kick when hot. I used the baby bottle overflow contraption and it worked perfectly. It sits right behind the left portion of the radiator. Thanks again guys. Oh, one more thing. It seems to "pop" when I rev it. Should I adjust the fuel screw more? If so, which way? Andy

what is "the baby bottle"

Don't worry about the pop thing, that's normal. So what fixed it? The new plug (defective stock plug?), or this baby-bottle thing? And what's that?

We gots to know! :) AND, we're all glad that you get to finally play with your new toy. What a hard beginning!

Hey guy, my bike came with an

NGK IFR8H11 plug. Is that the one you put in?

Baby bottle good, turkey baster better. :) RR.


The baby bottle overflow idea... I warmed it up in my garage, it overflowed in the baby bottle, then got sucked back up in the radiator. I used a half size (4 ounce) bottle. I have no idea what made it run, Im thinking the NGK plug had more of a "pop" sound when I checked for spark. I chucked the factory denso one in the trash!

sorry for stupid questions what the baby bottle thing? :)

yes 5150 (crazy man), it was the same NGK as yours.

Hmmmm, the turkey baster looks a little unprotected from branches (one swipe on that hose and its drain time) :)

never mined I didn't scroll down far enough on this post

I forgot, I have the devol braces and the bottle is tucked inside, and also protected...

So how does the turkey baster keep from building up pressure and blowing the hose off? Is there a relief somewhere?

The baster is vented at the top. If you look closely you can see a smaller black tube coming out of the top.

The thing works pretty good. Although things get a little complicated around Thanksgiving. :) RR.

well fellers, the "baby bottle" deal is a coolant recovery system similar to the one used on almost all of todays cars and trucks. The rad cap has a preset pressure rating at which point it will open and releive the pressure from cooling system. When the system relieves it will usually send coolant with it. The baby bottle will catch the coolant that would normally just be dumped onto the ground. When the system cools it will draw the coolant from the bottle until the pressure subsides to close the rad cap relief valve. Thats my take, anyone wanna add?


so you just stick the over flow tube into the catch and run the vent hose pretty much anywhere or does it matter? Is that the jist of it?

That's pretty much it. Just make sure the tube from the radiator goes all the way to the bottom of the bottle or pulls off the bottom of the bottle. RR.

If it is popping on decel turn your fuel screw out til it stops.

Thats the skinny, you forgot one thing, however, to put a second tube in the baby bottle. Do not put it in the bottom of the bottle. Leave it close to the top (of the inside of the bottle) Let a little hang out of the bottle and put a one way valve on it to vent the bottle!! You will have two tubes. One comes from your radiator overflow into the bottle (close to the bottom) the second is just a loose tube that goes into the bottle keeping it close to the top which vents the system. You can run a long vent tube but I cut it off about an inch from the top and I put a one way valve like you use on your gas cap vent on top!! Super trick easy to see and to clean. Mine to is behind a radiator brace. This trick was first brought to light in DIRT BIKE MAGAZINE years ago. I have used one ever since even in my two smokes!!Combine the bottle with ENGINE ICE and BAM you got a cool set up.

My 500 is always running hot...would this set up solve that? Also...what mixture do you guys reccomend in the radiators? 50/50 water/antifreeze? water wetter? ???

Racedes, Thanks now you put another question in me. What is ENGINE ICE? And thanks for the help guys. I love to do this type of thing.

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