torque spec for linkage??

after greasing up my linkage i checked the torque spec in the manual...58 ft. lbs.. ok here goes..45 no prob. 50 no prob..sure seems tight...but here is when it all goes wrong..somewhere between 50-58ft. lbs.. the nut gives can that be??? is my manual wrong??

I did the same on a 38 ft.lbs nut on my 250f.I later realized I was reading the torque wrench wrong. I was 5lbs too heavy. When I put the new nut and bolt back on ( the one that connects the shock to the linkage)the nut felt like it was going to strip again.I stopped at 30 ft.lbs, 8lbs short.My wrench is a $100 made in germany westward-supposed to be a good one.The moral of this story-I'm not sure.Inaccurate wrench? maybe.Mistake in the manual?maybe.I think the manual is wrong.The nut was one of those self locking units, maybe those are hard to accurately torque.

426guy, I did the same exact thing last year, I have almost completely given up on the torque specs given in the manual. When I did my linkage on the '03 this year I didn't use a torque wrench, just got it very tight. I check my stuff quite often so I'm not too worried. Just like Honda says 20 ft lbs for the drain bolts, that's about twice as much as you need.

45ft.lbs. is more than enough. I don't know where they came up with 58ft.lbs. from. I also stripped mine when greasing my linkage for the first time.

The samething happened to me when I went to reassemble.Those fuji-lock nuts are crap. Went to my local hardware supply store and picked up some nylock nuts then torqued them to 45lbs.

History repeating itself. I posted about this well over a year ago. 58lbs is way too much. Especially if the threads are lubed (ie after lubing your linkage grease gets on the threads). Here are some other areas I don't torque with a torque wrench. Front axle, rear axle, steering head, drain plugs, and plastic wings. The only thing I torque to spec are the triple clamp pinch bolts and the front axle pinch bolts so they will twist when I wreck like they are supposed to. Honda won't admit the specs are bogus. We have found this out through trial and error. Do a search on Linkage AND stripped and you'll find a host of others with the same problem. Don't feel bad because you probably won't make the same mistake twice right?

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