parts off a wr onto a yz400?

what parts will bolt onto a 1998 yz 400f?

could i run a light off the stock yz sator?

thanks for the help, but lay off the smartass attitude a bit

Lay off the personal insults lest you find yourself receiving an infraction for them.

The question you asked has been asked a number of times just in the last several months. Since a single search produced 5 usable threads (discounting the 4 that did not apply), I think you can see just how common a question it is. You could have made a very small effort and found the answer to your first 20 questions without waiting for the answer, and then come back with the ones that remained.

The search function helps everyone by providing access to information regarding your specific question immediately, while reducing the clutter produced by asking and answering the same question over and over.

Here's a couple more, in case the first set didn't cover it:

Try to be a little less thin-skinned.

thanks for the help, but lay off the smartass attitude a bit

Dude, you called the MODERATOR and the most respected guy on this forum a smartass because he called YOU out on being lazy? Geez!

Suzuki riders...:crazy:

lol thats was truly funny.

im so happy i got a yammy, mostley cuz off this guy. :crazy:

Back on topic, guys.

Do any of you have a link to the specific instructions/diagrams, etc., for the wiring modification? That seems to be harder to find, and just saying that one needs to float the ground doesn't do it for everyone. I have the feeling that a lot of guys say, "yeah, OK", and walk off shaking their heads.

haha wow I guess some people haven't heard of sarcasm??? YES I did find a couple of threads on my own, I asked if I could run a light off the stock stator, but I guess not. and I also asked what Parts would bolt up.

go to the electrasport web site, look it up on google, they have the instructions for their dualsport kit online, and it has detailed instructions to floating the wire on a wr stator

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