US vs. Canada slipon tips whats the diff?

Looks like the stock tail pipe tips are different between the US and Canada bikes. Why?

I thought they were the same, but my Euro has the "stinger" tip.


US and Canadian bikes have a stinger tip. The Euros have the cone tip. The silencers are identical otherwise.

Right, What Antman said :).


I didn't think I would like the look of the Euro end cap, but I ordered the Euro bike due to the "extras" that come with it. It has kind of grown on me and actually it looks pretty cool. It appears less restictive than the stinger. I ran the White Bros. R4 last year, but I think I am going to stay stock this year.

f.i.m. outlawed stingers the u.s. and cad. bikes come with the stinger it just looks cool to the us thats all

FYI... The Euro/Austrailian/whatever model's muffler is actually about an inch longer then the US model. But the inner diameter of the end pipe is about 1/8" wider.

Hey Honda65,

I noticed you have a 03 YZF450 for sale. May I ask why, do like the CRF that much better?



I put the standard PMB spark arrestor end cap on my Euro pipe yesterday. (Removed the cone.) It fit like a glove, so from that aspect at least the pipe is the same.

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