Chain Adjustment Marks?

do you guys adjust your chains and alignment of the wheel using the marks on the blocks?? has anyone found these marks to be incorrect???

I use them, but haven't double-checked them. Should I? Are they wrong on your 450? That would be weird.

I used to do it that way and had no problems. But I read somewhere that you should actually measure from a point on the bike/subframe/etc. and make sure it is the same on each side. So now I measure.

On mine they are very close, but off by a little bit. After tightening my chain I spin the back tire and see were the sproket sits on the chain. If perfectly in the middle you are good to go. If it's riding toward one side of the link you need to adjust. Another good way to double check is to use a carpenters square. Rest it against the side of the sprocket and up along the chain. This does the same thing as an allingment tool, except that you likely already have one around.

I actually made a measuring rod that fits in the swing arm bolt hole (a cone shape that centers perfect regardless of the size of the opening, as they are different on each side) and uses another cone shape pointer to measure back to the wheel. On my 02 and 03 both marks on the swing arm are right on. I do like the eyeball the chain method. Used to use that all the time.

Same as 3V. I use the carpenter square or a 12"(longer is better) metal rule from a small square. You can look at the length of the lines on the tape and see if the markings are covered equally (by the chain plates) on both ends of the rule. I will also have a look at how that chain lies on the sprocket. Makes good sense.

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