Sand riding shock boot....Where?

I am looking for a manufacturer and retail outlet of the shock covers for the 426 to protect the shock from being sand blasted during dunes riding. I have tried the search to no avail. Any and all replies appreciated.

Thank you.

I would like to know too. Also, the rear wheel has a nice matted finish after being sandblasted as well. Is there anything that can be done to protect the wheel finish too?

The company you are looking for is :

A bonus is they are a thumpertalk sponser.


Are you talking about the shock or the forks? Outerwears makes covers for 4-wheeler shocks, but not dirtbikes. I had an idea about taking a pair and doubling them up. But, that might be too big.

Old pair of nylons from the wife and some zip ties, double up on the material to be safe, instant shock wear. Free too! :)


You are correct. It is for the shock and not the forks. If I can't find a manufacturer of these I'll most likely make a nylon set, per Dr.Zaius' suggestion, or even one made of neoprene.

I bought a rear shock cover for a Raptor from my Yamaha dealer for I think about $20. It just has enough diameter to fit the shock on my WR400,(the velcro only overlaps by about a 1/4") but it has survived three trips to the dunes and has not fallen off yet. I have to take the shock of the bike to install it, but I think that is better then sand blasting the shock.


I just cut the mudflap so the paddle doesnt beat it to death...cut it flush with the swingarm...then replace with a new one when you get time you go to the dunes just good

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