West Coast TT Ride FLYER......PRINT ONE!!

Hey all just a reminder time is coming nearer for the TT ride in Foresthill! May 23-26.

* Please Sign up if you havent already. Ive heard LOTS of people say they were coming but only a few of those have signed up. No sign up = no fun :) The sign up link is located in the Stickied post titled (WCTT sign up)

* Here is a link to a printable FLYER

More update to come soon....

If you have any problems or questions please PM me!

In So Cal our flyer is........Gumball. (lets see who remembers that movie, and the meaning!)

You are a treasure trove of useless knowledge! You crack me up!

"What's behind me is not important!" Isn't it that movie a race from New York to Long Beach with a Porsche, Camaro, Shelby Cobra, Mercedes, Cop Car, and a Ferrari all racing for a gumball-shaped trophy? :)

I dont know Corey is it?

You asked! Not Gumball Rally with Burt Reynolds, but the earlier one that's a car chase. I'm guessing. :)

No guessing Grasshopper, you must know, you must feel the Gumball, smell the gas fumes, hear the tires squeel. Only then will you know the true meaning of..........Gumball Rally!

"X" doesn't get the square on this one. I pass!

Party Pooper! (it's an expression calm down convict!)

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