Water in gear box....continued

I replaced the impeller shaft and seals today on my bike

hoping that was the problem of getting water in the gear box oil (bike was over heating alot also) only to have

coolant start dripping from the :) pisser hole in the case

Whats that all about. Buy a new bike and ride it for

two months with no peoblems and now this.Any ideas.

Oh yeah 03 CRF450 BC3

Maybe you put the seal in backwards. Did you change the oil seal too? If it's coming out the piss hole your seal is leaking.

Im sure I put the seals in right,Checked the way they came out with the book.....put both seals in the same way the book showed them. Since I posted last I went for a ride

across the street from my house ( on the golf course) and

when I got back the piss hole was dry... So did it fix itself or what? I guess I'll have to ride it more tomorrow.

BC3 :)

Water in the tranny is generally caused by the transmission vent hose. Unless you route this tube up high, anytime you go through water over the engine case you will pump water (and mud) into your tranny.

If you do any water crossings at all, you also need to re-route the T'eed carb vent hoses. There are two of them, one end of the T needs to go into your airbox. I guess Honda figured a motocross bike would never encounter water up to the vent hoses.

How did the shaft look? any nicks or rough surface that might chew the new seal?

Most problems with water out the p hole is the shaft has got a groove cut into it by a dry seal.

The new seals should come pre greased and a new shaft is a must.

Water in the oil has only a couple of way to get there, Vent pipe, Inner water pump seal (clutch side), Cylinder head gasket leaking into engine side,

or last but not least a crack.

Dude you just figured out why the water got in my gear case

A couple rides ago we went to a place called Frank Raines

Park here in Northern Cal. This day the water crossings were deeper than the case height.......and we were roosting

and splashing each other for quite a while.. thats when

the water got in there Ill bet... I changed the seals and

impeller shaft anyway because of the over heating

and the shaft did have a groove worn into it.

Two different problems,solved now I hope. Thanks

You know I never have preoblems like this with my

YZ450.....but I still like the Honda

BC3 :)

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