long term wr400-426 reliability

has any one heard or know of good or bad things about this bike.how offten do you change your oil and how much does it hold...also what kind...i want a reliable bike and can only hope you guys know my questions.

I have 2000 WR400 and have ridden and raced it since new. I have flipped the bike end over end at speed, thrown it down hills, and ridden it as hard as I can. I have experienced no mechanical problems engine wise. I did learn to relube all the bearings, linkage and head tube, the factory doesnt put enough grease in there.

I change my oil, after every race and about every 200-400 miles, depending on the type of riding. And always keep the air filter clean too. Clean oil and clean air filters are cheap insurance to keeping a bike in good running order.

I also own an Xr600 and feel the WR reliability is just as good. I cant say the same about my KTM

You cant go wrong with WR.

Was a little iffy about buying a WR myself but after riding with my brother on a 02 650R and seeing the trouble he has I am glad I bought a WR

Its a 99 400 and 0 problems, change oil every 4-5 tanks of fuel

You bet, here you go:

Mobil 1 (red cap) 15W-50 Synthetic.


1.48 quarts (with a filter change)


1 quart and one pint (with a filter change)

search search search. did i mention doing a search. you will find out a million things that you will love

I have had very few problems on my 99 WR 400.

Wheel bearings and a throttle cable and it seems everyone has these problems. Change the oil often. It sure gets dark and yucky fast.

Hey Potato where in Ontario Canada?

:) MY 99 400 is still on it's original rings etc....still enough comp to hold my (not inconsiderable) weight on the kick start at TDC,

Lots of oil changes and keep on top of those linkage bearings ! :D

So what most of you are saying is it is total BS to re ring or do top end rebuilds as instructed in the manual ( I think it says every couple of races or so ). The dealer says this but I have a real hard time believing it since it is a 4 stroke.

Oh yea also- is pure synthetic oil good to run in these - dealer also said that this would not be good because it is too "slippery" for the clutch to work effectively. Sure would be cheaper to buy the Mobil 1 like above rather than the $6.50/ quart for Yamalube. Any comments?

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Blue...ByeU :


I think either Yamalube or Mobil1 Synthetic would make excellent long-term oils. Just be sure the engine is broke in before running synthetic oil and be sure to stay with whatever you decide to use.

So far, the Mobil1 Synthetic has not effected my clutch.

Check out Wal-Mart to get a good price on Mobil1.


Originally posted by Blue...ByeU:

Oh yea also- is pure synthetic oil good to run in these - dealer also said that this would not be good because it is too "slippery" for the clutch to work effectively.


Go back and thump that idiot on the head. While oils with energy conserving friction modifiers will adversely affect the clutch, Mobil 1 15-50 has no such additives. Beware, because other viscosities of this same oil DO have them. You will find a two-concentric circle lable about 1" in diameter w/ the letters "EC" inside.

I have at least 200 hours with that particular oil with no clutch or other problems.

My 99 WR400F Has atleast 40 races and tons of hours in training....about 15 hrs per weekend, for the last 2.5 years. I have NEVER had an internal engine part fail.....even the clutch. The mods I have done have been for speed/looks and manuverability only.

Bonzai :)

My only problem (on a dual-sported 99) was a well fried clutch after some merciless slipping in the Mojave in deep sand. The bike had only about 1,000 miles at the time, and was very well maintained. I have heard that the clutch was updated on later models. I know you shouldn't slip those guys too much anyway, but this was my first bike in over 30 years of riding and racing to loose its clutchplates with so few miles on it from new. Other than that, the bike was bulletproof.

The only problems I have had with my bike were due to user error. :D I think I have broken everything but the motor and frame (have to check that after today) and it still runs like a raped ape. I will probably have this bike until I accidentally run it off a cliff... again. :)

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