ticking getting louder

I have 2003 klx400sr ticking from first day i got the thing,ticking is now getting louder and more constant,the bike is still under waranty but the dealer keeps on saying this is normal.how can i force the dealer into fixing the damn thing?

call kawasaki and complain.

maybe you could hear another stock klx 400 and compare the sound differences?

The bike makes some noise but nothing to serious

DUDE.... get a yoshi exhaust, that will take care of the problem for sure :)

I would try another dealer, any Kawi dealer can handle your warranty.

This may not be a great option if you only have one in your town, we only have 2

in the general area, but at least 10 others in a 100 mile radius from me.

I would try that if you have another one close. Tell them you are unhappy

with the other one and they should try and win your biz. If they tell you

the same thing Id go with Burneds advice and complain to Kawi.

I dont hear any noticeable ticking or weird sounds from mine, up to 6100 miles already. :)

Pull your bike up to the dealer and tell him to start up another one and prove it is "normal". If he will not do this it will help your case when you complain to Kawasaki.

Does'nt the dealer get paid by Kawasaki for doing warranty work? He should be telling you the opposite so he could get the work. Ask him what's up. Also, check into the "Lemon Laws" in your state. They are pretty good about helping you get results with a defective new vehicle. One of my agents just got a new 2003 replacement for a 2002 "Lemon" Dodge Caravan. "Important" Document every call and response to the dealer and Kawasaki (take names, that makes people nervous and gets results), and you may can get a replacement. I would not want a bike that had to be torn into right off the showroom floor.

Givem ell and report the details back to us! Andrew

My bike has gotten a little louder but I'm pretty sure some of the noise is coming from the clutch or the tranny. I know that when I pull the clutch some of the sounds go away. I also know that a lot of the increase is caused by the after market skid plate. It deflects a lot of the sound up towards the rider.

I would take it right back to the dealer. It could be something simple like the valve clearances?

How many miles? When mine was new it made a noise like an exhaust header leak or an arcing electrical spark. I did a search on this site and found plenty of people concerned about engine noises on new models. It's a noisy motor. At about 400 miles everything changed, The tick got quieter and the engine felt "tighter" and ran more smoothly.

Have you heard it next to another like bilke?

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