rain, ruts &racing

Just wondering if any of you gurus have some advice for me. Sunday is the second mx race in our spring series and this week we have a heavy rainfall warning. The track is sand/soil mixed and ruts out quite heavily.

Any suspension changes recommended? Two weeks ago I went with my bike set up like dry condidions and just keep getting stuck and falling in corners.

Funny to watch but six crashes in seven laps is only good enough for eighth. I need to finish fourth or better for advancement points.

Thanks. :)

Set your compression clickers on botht hr front and rear 1 or 2 clicks in. (Harder) That will compensate for the mud caking up on your bike and will keep your handleing intact. Lower your tire pressure as low as possible but keep it hight enought for you lugs to stay clean. When you enter a corner enter it hard and get as far up on the seat as possible. Than you would if it was dry. Sit on your gas cap and use your compression braking as much as possible. Don't beafraid to be in 3 or 4 and click down to second when you are fevving bike out. Try to keep fromt using your brake to whip your back end around. Then accelerate HARD out of the carner. But not so hard the is all your back tire does is spin.

Choose good tires that can handle in the mud. This is also a good time to slwo your rebound in the rear way down. In really soft mud you should be stearing the bike with the rear tire. and not so much the front.

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