lap tops note books

I can't be the only one who wants to hook my GPS up to a laptop in the trails and look at a USAPHOTOMAP and see where I'm at. Do any of you guys bring laptops with you and if so where did you score a cheap one. Or has this winter just been so brutal that I'm thinking way to much and should just go to bed

I have the topos loaded into my GPS and can scroll them on the trail. I'm not sure why you would need a laptop out there. What unit are you using?

For the completely Geeked GPS user I recommend using a Palm Pilot or Windows CE handheld computer.

For the Palm there is a bunch of software out there. Check this site for more info

Best GPS info site on the Web

For Handheld computer info check this site out.

info from Dale DePriest

Notebook computer is just too bulky to carry on the trail and way too easy to damage.

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