Fork oil help

Ok I have the little push button air bleeders on my forks, when I had the forks off the bike, one of the air bleeders got depressed and leaked fluid. I do not know the amount of fluid that was lost from the fork, I know that the fork is extremely springy compared to the other. How do I go about correcting the amount of fluid in the fork? I do not want to take the forks back off the bike, is there a way to do it on the bike?

I don't think so. this will show u if u don't no?

You should be able to do it. First back rebound all the way out counting so you know what to return it to:

1. Remove handlebars

2. Undo fork caps

3. Push up front wheel and remove fork caps

4. Remove spring

5. Measure fork oil in correct leg and adjust the other one acordingly.

6. Reverse proceedure.

When you push up the front wheel you will need to compress the forks fully.

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