Arizona Registration Problem

I need some help getting my Canadian WR450F into the system.

We have tried 3 ADOT agents in southern Arizona. All 3 say they require an manufacturer's EPA report for the US which is not available for the Canadian bike. Alot of you guys have had no problem at all or know someone who has dual sported these bikes here in the US. They now say the EPA report a required to reg it as an "off road" bike. This is not looking good for me. Any ideas would be appreciated.


I am having the same problem here in cali. They are asking for a secondary VIN and an emmissions label. I am trying to get a plate in cali. :)

Beware of Califonia. Rumor is that you get in, then they send you a request in the mail later for a US EPA certificate from the manufacturer. You are then stuck in the system. This is a new happening. The DMV doesn't even know all the specifics. Safest thing to do is reg in different state, then xfer to Cali later. (I think). Im going the Vermont reg route unless I discover a flaw in that sceme within the next few days. What a hassle, but both the WR's and the CRF's are awesonme bikes! Good luck.

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