Does anyone use this?

Ben, In the past they use to fall apart(netting)They are probably made better now,alot of money! The shoulder cups won't help you much,because it is against your shoulder(no web to keep the impact off your shoulder). Heat is another factor! The best thing i've found is a football girdle it holds hip and thigh pads, you can get thin to thick pads with hi-impact plastic. Girdle is like 15-20 bucks,pads are extra. A good sporting goods store should have them.

Metzger was wearing one when he did the big back flip.

Desto, have you used one. I think you are right about them making improvements on them because I once had a discussion on TT with a guy who had one and loved it. I'll have to search for it.


I've used one of these in the past, but have gone back to roost deflectors. They fit pretty snug, the kidney belt is too high up and the back armour plate comes down really low. Low enough that it would fit inside the waist band of my riding pants. There is also quite a bit of unprotected room between the chest armour and the shoulder cups. I took a lot of roost in this area. They are pretty well made though

I use the Azonic version the mesh netting is different than the dainese. I have used both in the past for Downhill Mountain biking. The dainese do wear out faster than the azonic IMO. I have the traditional roost protector and elbow forearm guards, the body suits are way cooler, and on hot days I wear it and a short sleeve T-shirt. I do feel more protected in the shoulder/collarbone area with the roost protector, so there are trade-offs to both. As for fit try different brands I have no problems with the Azonic Kidney/back protection as far as fit or ride-up. I like having the option of running either roost/body suit. :)

Just some clarification CNACC,,

You've used both and like the Azonic better?

I like the fact that it is cheaper by about $100.

When did you have the Dainese Safety Jacket? I understand that they made improvements to help with past issues with longevity.


Acerbis and UFO also makes them. I personaly have and UFO and I was very happy with it. I'm not wearing it anymore, because it not very nice to have something that tightens you all day long...

The protection is great!!! You also get 2 types of show shoulder cups with the UFO one!

Armourbl....I may be the guy who had one and loved it!! I dont do mx and I usually ride alone (I know I know no flames please) so I dont have a problem with roost.

I have the FULL (knee guards too) version from about 4 years ago. I do love it as it has saved me soooo many times from brusies and scrapes. There are a couple of downsides though.

- Mine is the old version with a lycra-type suit which all the cups are sewn on too. It is WAAAAAAY hot in summer.

- Its kind a difficult to clean well

- The lycra suit part has stretched.

I had a look at the newer ones and I would buy one again...they seem to have a really wide open mech now which MUST be cooler and the stitching looks much better.

The alround protection for a dumbass like me with a 9-5 job a wife and kids is exactly what I need.

Next time around (next year) I will probably buy the suit you showed with separate knee protection.

So long....

armourbl, I have had both and I like the azonic better, I had the shuttle pro in 97-99 but they don't seem to have changed much. The azonic's are maid well and the mesh isn't a Lycra mesh it is more like netting, if that makes sense. IMO they are cooler than the Dianese and I know allot of places are blowing them out for around $170 right now, verses $260-300 for shuttle pro. Banffboy is right about taking roost between the chest pads and the shoulder, so if you race, or race friends and take roost allot you might want to consider this. I use my Azonic all of the time, it is perfect protection for trail ridding and jumping, it fits well I am 6'3" and 50" at the chest so I wear a XXL. It is important to try them on, if you get one that is to big then you will have trouble w/the spine protector being to long. If it is to small than they seem to ride up and wear out faster i.e. streach/tear. If you already have a roost protector and don't mind dropping a little more cash I would say get a body suit, like I said earlier it is nice to have the option of either style suit/roost. :)

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