What is up with that....

I was just checking out the price of the stock pipe protector ($30) so I could get the flatland deal and put a guard on my big gun, and if you or I wanted to buy the stock silencer it would cost over $550, I know stock stuff is expensive, but that is insane.

Check Ebay. There have been a few stock systems on there recently.

Oh yeah, I know. I actually sold my complete system on ebay ($130) and got a big gun from a guy here on tt. I didn't know I could use the stock pipe guard with the flatland kit or I would have kept that piece. When checking price of protector, I just happened to notice silencer pricing.

I think everyone is missing the point, I don't need a exhaust, I was just saying Yamaha would want to screw you if you had to buy one from them.

why dont you cut one out of a piece of tin or have a sheet metal shop twist one up for ya? You could have them make up a cool custom stainless piece!

What about a heat wrap?

Sorry, on your initial post I interpreted that you were looking for a stock exhaust.

what is a "flatland" kit any ways?

I would love to see the cost of a bike if you had to buy every piece (nut, bolt valve, levers, etc, etc, etc....) from your

friendly local Yamaha (or Honda, or Kaw, etc..) dealer.

How much do you think your bike would cost? $15,000, $20,000? More than Carmichael's Factory CR ?

I remember paying more that $4.00 for a single nut when my son had his Z-50 Honda.


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