Why should I get a SX450 over a CRF. Pls help!

Ive narrowed my search down to these two. Please help me decide. Mostly MX but some trail riding also.


Well let's see

1) You will stand out in a sea of red and blue

2) It's fun being different

3) It really is a good bike, I rode a friends 03 CRF next to my 450SX and they were very even in power and turning. I thought that the CRF was a little stiff on the front and the front brake a little touchy but other than that pretty even. If it matters the 4 speed is a little limiting, but I am converting mine to a 6 spd later this week ($300.00) The clutch feels vague on the CRF but, I'm used to a fluid clutch, frame feels a little wide and that reminds me, I know it's a little thing but this CRF was pretty new and the clutch and brake levers were already rattling around in there perches. That's all the real differences I could find, really petty if you ask me:cool:

Pick what color you like and buy that one. The KTM you will have to watch out for blown gears and loose bolts. The CRF you will have to watch the valve clearance. They both have there pro's and con's.

... watch out for blown gears and loose bolts

Whose blowing gears? That's not a common KTM problem. And shouldn"t you be looking for loose bolts,spokes, etc. on any new motorcycle anyway?

I think it boils down to personal preference and what kind of deal you get on either one. Sit on them both and see how they feel to you and if you have a preference. Dealer support on either can be a deciding factor. Which dealer is going to give you the best price? How interested in your continued patronage is the dealership going to be after the sale? Are you getting any sort of deal on parts and accessories? Will they even remember your name when you walk in the door the first time after your purchase?

While both are excellent motorcycles, they will have some differences. The KTM will be a 4-speed while the CRF has 5 I believe. The KTM will have more traditional 4-stroke power while the CRF will rev higher and longer like a 2-stroke. Cruise both boards (CRF and KTM) and/or use the search feature to look for specific topics of interest to you to help you make a decision. Try to find out from previous posts what type of power each has and which you might prefer. What changes are owners making so there bikes suit them better? How do they feel about ergonomics, reliability, suspension, etc.? Good luck with whatever choice you do make. And oh yeah, have FUN!

The KTM's don't have anymore tranny problems than any other make. One of my riding buddy's lost 3rd in his '02 YZ last week. You can cite examples of any bike that has had problems.... Taken as a group ALL of todays bikes are light years better than what we were on a few years ago.

Pick your favorite color and ride....

Buy the 525 SX. You will glad you did.

Buy the 525 SX. You will be glad you did.

I WAS considering getting the 450SX, rode it and loved it handles incredible! However, three friends bought them within the last 2.5 months and 2 have grenade their tranny’s (one of them on the 3rd ride). The third guy just bought his last week and only has one ride. So I’ll be waiting to see what happens with theirs before I make a decision.

grenade! whoa. do you have any further details onthat? what were they doing at the time? was there any reason or warning?


Grenade, shmenade... mine's 3 months old and not a problem yet.

The guy with three rides races in the OTHG, he's a vet novice. Apparently he was smoking his class by 10 seconds when it locked up. It’s at the shop right now and I haven’t heard anything yet (will keep you up to date). Now my other friend is a VET Pro, I was riding with him last Saturday when it happened. His got stuck in 3 gear and wouldn’t shift up or down, he said he felt it going out or starting to go out a few laps before it happened. He hasn’t taken it to the shop yet, supposed to take it in next week.

I love the bike but I can't afford to have one go out on me.

I only know of three guys with the 2003 450SX. Two have had the trannys go. I had to help one guy load it into his truck at LACR couple months back. I'm looking to get a new ride next year and was heading towards Red. I had the tranny go on my bike last year. As aggravating as it was, I think I'm still going to stick with KTM. I'll probably go with the 525 though. The 450SX does scare me a bit. :)

John why does the 450 "scare you"?

I'm not sure what the deal is with the 450 tranny it's wierd that we would see more problems with the 450sx than the rest of the RFS's. Especially since the 450/525 sx/mxc all share the exact same tranny parts- at least in gears 1-4.

Hey Travis, the only thing that worries me is the tranny. I thought they used the same parts but wasn't 100% sure. That scares me even more now. I don't ride in any KTM clubs so my fears are based on just the people I know that own KTM's. 2 out of the 3 people I personally know that own a 450SX have had the tranny go. As far as overall problems, I had the tranny go on my 520 and you did as well. That takes my overall total to 4 of 5. This isn't counting Jon from the Adelanto race as I don't know the history on his 400. These are not counting any problems I've read from this board. I realize that some people only post when their bike breaks.

As much as I like my bike, I don't think I would have bought it if I would have seen these numbers before hand. I'm sure it is being addressed, as next year I would like to get a new 525.

When my tranny gave way last year (right about this time), it appeared as I was the first any only one with tranny problems. The dealers I called were shocked to hear of one going bad. That has changed quite a bit in only one year.

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