SW Washington

Any body want to ride with a young guy (14) PM me. MX ONLY

so you can tell us how slow us old guys are. :) actually if the weather mellows out i'll be up at washougal on the 22nd.

Moto is for wimps :) I am planning on heading up to Longview to try out the trails by the track. Are they worth it?

Yea, it's a fun place to ride..Challenging as you make it. Pretty sloppy now at least where there isn't much sand - away from the river. I have some pics of the last few hare scrambles there if you care to look. Dirtstiffs Page :)

Yeah i think it's worth. I do them every now and then because they REALLY help me with my cornering speed. It took 5 seconds off my lap times at my sponsor's track in Castlrock. Not only that i think they are kind of fun. It is all flat. It is a offroad supermotord.

Do they allow quads up on the trails? I would like to find a flat easy place for my wife to ride. She is complaining that I take her on hard, scary trails. What a weenie!!! :)

here is the website for longview.


although it is down as of the time I'm posting this. but you can email questions to rpr2@adelphia.net this address. there original site was pretty week, and i imagine they are upgrading that.

yzracer...I see you finally got the avatar hosted. it looks sweet seeing in moving. Any changes you want to make to it?


Don't wanna change a thing. It is PERFECT. Thanks a million. I still have the non moving ones if I want it to be still. I just have to resize it. But i LOVE the moving ones.

Yes they do allow quads on the trails aslong as it is a practice day. Bring the not ol'lady down and let have some fun. What kinda quad is it?

91 LT230E, it is built off of the Quadsport 230, but auto clutch, reverse, and e-start. Nice bike with under 1000 original miles. The frame is pretty comparable to a Blaster.

Can you give me directions to the trail/track at Longview from I-5 North?


Please disregard the previous post, their website is back up and has the directions.


okie doak :)

When do ya planon coming out here. Like i've said bout a million times before i live only less than 3 minutes away from Barlow. So on yur way out let me know and i can meet ya out there.

The MX track needs ATLEAST a solid week of nice weather before it is ridable. I have gone ther several times when it has been nice for 2 or 3 days and it wasnt a whole lot of fun. Got a rain check the last time I tried to go and I wont be back till good weather sets in. The track is great in the summer but untill they can get it to drain (which is going to be hard because it is right on the columbia) the winter riding isn't feasable (just like almost every other outdoor track in the NW).

When it is ridable the track is great and they are always working on it. The trails are good for cornering practice but nothing to get excited about.

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