Anyone have a coil on plug setup for sale?

I would really like to get a coil on plug setup. does anyone sell them or know a good place to get them, IE price? I am willing to pay up to $60 but that would need to inlude shipping I would really like to keep it under $50. Does anyone know if thats practical?

thanks guys

pm Mike dean he had a coilonplug setup for around $45.Look on MotoMan393's site for the details.

Call a salvage yard and get one from a wrecked Hayabusa! They fit perfect, they are smaller, and they are cheaper but make sure you get the elctrical connector! Some people say that is standard connection but I wouldnt risk it. It is easy to hook up. It works great. Mike has a pretty nice unit that uses a lincoln continental's integral cap with coil. His is bigger.

Not sure how much, but your Yamaha Dealer has one... the 450 one fits with a little trimming work... there was a great post with description and pictures a while back - Novemebr I think it was... so search and all will be revealed...



Hey do you guys know if the Hayabusa or YZ450 coil will work on a 2002 WR250F?

Yes, either one will work.

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