poison oak

Sunday I went cowtrailin' at Carnegie Park (a state park in

my area) To my disapointment I discovered I got poison oak..

Been out there fifty times and never got it.....

Do you guys wash your MX pants in the washer? also gloves?

My resistance to this crap must be down, and I don't want

to get it from my gear.....


Poison oak is a resin, not an oil, so it doesn't wash off with soap and water very easily. Miserable stuff. Several years ago I got it on my arm pretty bad, but a Cortizone shot knocked it down right away and it healed within a few days. I've tried Tecnu, it's best used same day you've been exposed, it seems to work ok.

I've tried to develop the ability to spot Poison Oak 1000 yards away 360 degrees around me at 60mph and being totally paranoid about not touching any plants even in the desert. So far it's worked, but I will be super alert next time I go to Carnegie. My sympathies, and thanks for the heads up.


I'm hypersensitive to it. I hate bleach, but a dilute solution on my skin with a cool shower helps prevent most of the misery. After you get it epsom salt solutions help dry it up and heal the skin. Any laundry detergent that cuts oil on your clothing will launder the riding gear. Simple green or the orange citrus works for your boots. I'm from NorCal, we grew up getting it from the pets, hiking, playing in the creeks. Cortisone injection was the only treatment then. Poison Oak Sucks.

What about Poison Sumac? Makes oak look tame!


After every ride I throw my gear into the washing machine. I throw my gloves in every 2-3 rides.

The last time I got it was when I was a kid. The break out was so bad I thought I was going to die. I have not gotten it in 25 years. The Doc said if I got it again I would have to be hospitalized. Today if I see any bushy, ivy, three leaf plant I turn and go the other way. I am not scared of it, I just still remember what happened the last time I got it.

Oh yea, I am hypersensitive to it too, I hate it. i use to get it alot while mountain biking. One thing about it is that every time you get it the more sensitive you are to it.

Tecnu works good if you know you have been exposed, wash yourself with it in COLD water. I have never tried the anfel but next time I get it I will try it.

If you have it here is something I have found that helps dry it up quickly. Mix a 50/50 solution of strong black tea and rubbing alcohol and rub it on the rash with a cotton swab, do this several times a day and it will dry up in a few days.

The oozing stuff that comes out of the rash is not contagious. The urushiol is the oil in the plant that causes an alergic reaction of the skin, the rash is your body trying to fight the urushiol that is "locked" onto your skin cells. I read somewhere that just the amount on the head of a pin is enough to do it.

And heads up... Last weekend I spotted lots of new growth at Hollister, some of it sticking out onto the trails.

Here is some info on it

Thanks guys! I haven't even been outdoors, and I'm already starting to itch! I must be REALLY allergic to it!!! Maniac :)

I used to get it all the time when I was a kid growing up on a farm. Then my dad bought a milk goat that ate the stuff. We drank the milk cause we heard that it would help you to build an imunity to poison oak. After that I did not get it for about 20 years. When I did get it I had not drank any goats milk for about 10+ years (sour tasting), and had a poison oak branch that impaled my right arm. I only got a little poison oak around the area of the puncture.

Not sure if it works for everyone, but that is all I did, and my parents had about 20 acres full of the stuff, and I used to clear it bare hands, run through it etc. when I was in grade school. My mom hated it cause she would get poison oak from washing my clothes.

BTW: The goats have to eat the poison oak regularly for it to have any effect. So I guess buying it at the store/farmers market probably won't work.

Good luck,

Don't go skinny-dip'n in places where poison oak hangs over the water. BIG mistake - :)

Whoa you guys!!!! I never thought I would get this much response from me gettin the OAK. I guess it makes me feel better

that other poor Bast..ds get it too ha ha ha I must be sick

BC3 :)

I do a lot of mountain biking where there is poison oak and my buddy and I are very sensetive to it. So I started carrying my own little anti-poison oak packs. What I did was I took one of those sponges with the scotch bright pad on one side, soaked it with a really good detergent from the lab and a touch of water(I used this stuff called Micro, but other detergents are just as good). Then sealed it in a bag with a seal-a-meal type bag sealer. I also threw in a couple of those throw away alcohol washettes you get from you favorite bar-b-que rib joint. So when we hit the oak, just tear open the bag and suds up right there, then use the washettes to 'cut' the soap (use less water that way). Works like a charm...I should package and market these little life savers.

I get poison ivy about 2 times a year at work (work outside), seems to take me forever to get rid of it! :)

I get Poison Oak easily. Tecnu from Oak & Ivy brand works pretty well for me. You need to catch it quickly after exposure, before the resin works its way into your pores. Follow the instructions on the bottle. I usually get it on arms, so when I wash my gear(in machine) I will pour a little on the sleeves of my jersey and rub it in(with latex gloves on). Then add an ounce or two in the washing machine.

I used to get the itch when I use to rock climb around San Diego.I am not sure if oak is more potent in the spring months or what.It seems like in the hot summer months its not as bad.

But, what I would do to rid myself of it, after a climb, was to wipe myself down with white gas(camping fuel) and then take a shower.An old climbers trick that worked every time.

Knock on wood. I have not got it since I started riding.

As a wildland fire fighter, some times we have no choice of going the other way when oak is spotted. I was on a fire in north cal a couple of years ago, near Quincy, and I have never seen so much oak! I got it really bad it was covering like 80% of my body.

I was sent to the hospital, the doctor the ER was a cute young lady. She didn't want to give me the shot, because there are some side effects. I was begging for the shot, but he kept insisting I try a topical ointment W/steroids.

Finally I just pulled down my pants and said, look do you have any Idea how bad this itches! :shocked:Needless to say that after she saw my privates and their condition, the shot was in my rear end in no time. Man oak sucks south of the boarder!


Is it worse than posion ivy?

I think it depends on the person. I seem to have a worse reaction to oak than ivy, but for me sumac takes the cake. Man that stuff is toxic!

TECNU!!!! How can you all not know about that stuff??? It's awesome. Works on your laundry too!! You wash yourself off with it w/o water right after you've been wallowing in the stuff (oak and ivy). I swear with works!!!!! 2.5% Hydrocortisone cream (dr. prescribed) works pretty good too after you get the rash. I scratched up my arm pulling up reg. ivy and whoops that's poison oak!!! I didn't have any TECNU so I got a pretty good rash. Put that stuff on it and most of it was gone in a day. COOL!!!

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