xr 400 fork seal

my fork seal on my 400 just started leaking a couple days ago and how long do i have before i have to replace it, and should i do the conversion myself or take it to the local shop?

I've heard from several sources that you can use forks with blown seals as long as you want. The only problem is that the leaking seal causes different oil levels between the forks, which causes different damping rates and can strain/stress the front axle because each fork leg wants to compress at a different rate. I got tired of changing fork seals so I dropped the oil level in the good fork to the same level as the blown one, and just ride. Yes the damping is less than before but I'm not a pro so it does not matter that much.

alright thanks for the tips

Pull down the dust seal, the oil seal is above that. Run the corner of a regular business card up past the seal lip and run it all the way around the seal. You might just have a piece of grit stuck in it.

Clean out the dust seal while you have it down.

Run you hand up and down the fork tube feeling for nicks and file then down. If you have any nicks, they might have damaged the seal and you'll end up needing to replace it.

Replacing seals is pretty easy. Learn to do it yourself. Lots of How-Tos around here.

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