electric start 4 yz450

can i get it somewhere? how much will it cost? what is the e-start weight?

Don't worry about the weight or cost because it's not available. Check into buying an 03 WR 450, it's only a $100 more than a YZ 450 and it has the magic button.

What a choice to have to make!

Here's my 2 cents on it......

As a Desert Racer, I was torn between the YZ and WR. The YZ is attractive due to the lighter weight(28 to 30 Pounds). The WR was my choice due to the 5 Speed Gearbox, I did not really care about the "E Button" as much as having the Trans. Ratios and the 100 MPH Plus capability. The WR kicks so easy that it almost makes the button an un-necessary feature. NOTE THIS- The cases on the YZ's are drilled and tapped for the Starter Motor and the Starter Idler is part of the Stator (Flywheel) cover. You COULD convert a YZ, but why? As mentioned before, the price spread on the 2 bikes is 100 bucks on the MSRP (which is what you should be paying out the door, taxes freight and setup included). I took the WR and now have a LARGE box of take off parts and have ended up esentially with a E-Start 5 Speed YZ.

Added info:

The Clutch arm on the Pre-03 bikes sits where the Starter is on the WR 450, so no, I do not think the conversion would work on the Pre-03's

The conversion will be hell. It will cost a small fortune. Trade your bike in for a WR450 and strip off what you do not want. One of the magazines this month has an article on converting the WR450 to an electric start YZ450. They do a complete job. I forget the name of the mag but I think it was Motocross Action ???

Confirmed. Buy the latest issue of Motocross Action. Just got it tonight. Has the article on converting the WR450 to an electric start YZ450 motocrosser.

thanks cowboy, what parts can i take off of the wr to make it lighter? i dont need the lights also. can u give me the full list please

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