please help uncontrolable backfire.

Please nedd help here .

Today i dissasemblede my carburator ,first time since new,to clean it, i felt that the bike was running al little tight,,,when i dissasemble it ,lots of dirt came out.

I put it together perfectly ,you cant guess in the carburator ,every part fits somewhere.

all clean alll the screws are in the same position as before,fuel ,air iddlel ,,,all.

now i have put it together three times cheking everything again,,all perfect ,

but cant get the bike to iddle, and lots of backfire when turn the throtle and when i let go after that it stumbles and goes dead,i have tried the air screw ,1 and a quarter and almost two there it balances a little but its too high and it was not that way before,

im sea level and 90 degrees so the book say stock setting

Please help and sorry for my spelling and grammmar

double check your slide, sounds like it is in backwards. very easy to do.

if not the slide in backwards then i bet its a clogged slow jet. same thing happened to me!

Plus check your hot start lever/cable.

And your pilot air jet in the carb bell.

crf450panama when are you comming to cycle ranch again?

Happens to me everytime I eat White Castles :D, bike runs okay though.

Sorry I couldn't resist. :)

Check the plate on the front of the slid. Might be in upside down.

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