What tools & extras did you get with your DRZ E ?

I got a spoke wrench and a manual. Is that it that all?


You should have got more than that.

You should have gotten a couple of tube spanners (one's for your spark plug) a couple of ring spanners, a couple of open end spanners, a handle to use with your spanners, a pair of pliers and a screwdriver handle with a couple of screwdriver bits.

Oh.. and your owners manual.

Mike. :)

Not in the USA, only the S model gets the full kit.

My 2000 came with a manual... That's it!

My 2002 came with a spoke wrench. Yippie!

I got a new 2003 DRZ kicker, got a spoke wrench, and manual with it. :)

2001 E model - I got nothing but an owner's manual. Even after asking.

Spoke wrench, manual and a depleted checking acount.

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