Does anyone have a Vortip insert that they want to sell? I'd like to try one for my 2001 WR426.



I got mine from Baja Designs for about 60.00. I like the product itself and still recommend this insert.


Will a vortiped bike pass the ranger rick test in nor-cal?

Gotta know...

I don't know what the requirements are in CA, but my '00 WR400 with the Vortip routinely tests at around 88 decibels.

hey john i got a tip from malcom smith cycles here in riverside CA....... i think it went for $22(close out special) if i recall the guy had a few more it is really really quiet....ill call them later on today and see if they have any of them left then ill PM you to get your info if you want to try it out............keith

Hey John

Where do you like to ride, I'm up here also.

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