Looking for Airstyle.

His name is Greg.

Anybody seen him?


I am looking for Airstyle because he is supposed to ship to me a helmet that I have purchased from him.

His name is Greg Church if I recall correctly.

I trust that he isn’t the sort to play others out. At least I hope he isn’t.

Anyway, I have sent him the money and this was about early this year.

We settled on the shipping method and all.

Fine… Then….

He said that he sent the helmet out but was returned to his house address due to some unexplained reasons.

He was supposed to send it to me using another courier company but nothing to date.

I have received some mails to say that he will send it out but I am rather worried now.

Its been a while since he’s corresponded with me.

Last time I checked it was because he’s working late and lately he’s trying to get a new job and all.

I am wondering if any one out there knows him personally or can help me out.

I am not trying to give anybody a bad name but this bites.

Anybody dealt with him before?

Help me out anybody???

Never heard of Airstyle. Sounds like you are out of luck. Do you know his last address. Maybe someone lives in that city that is on this forum and can help you track him down.

I had the same trouble he took months to send me the riding gear I paid for in just a few days. He had two excuses, maybe he has some more? Buyer beware of this TT'er. Maybe we need a rating system like ebay, or negative stars? FYI :)


I collect debts for a living. I can find most anyone. If they are a professional theif though they will leave false info all over the place. The theives are becoming much more common on the internet than in the past.

Let me know if you want some assistance getting in touch with this person. I would be happy to help out, and I help TT'ers in this kind of situation for free.

Jason "racemile" Mighell

I have yet to get any news from Mr. Greg aka Airstyle.

I am pleading to you thumper talkers to help me out.

Its been almost 3 months since we set the deal and 1 month since he corresponded with me.

I am worried that he is a just one of those $%#^ing cheats.

I still am giving him the benefit of the doubt but he’s wearing my patience thin.

Dear moderators or anyone else for that matter, please see if you can locate him for me.

I dun really care if he's going to be late with the shipping just as long as he doesn't screw me...

Still no news.

Still no helmet.

I need help.


Racemile, any luck?

Thanks to Ted Christian.

Others out there... Help?

I'd say ripped off before not.

Any luck tracking down your stuff? :)


You sound like a good man. People like you are the reason that boards like this do so well. Thanks!

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