wheel size number !

anyone have a wheel size number that works for there trail tech comp/speedo ? i'm getting tired of doing 40 mph 5th gear wide open. :)

Should be 2205 for 21" wheel.

I have tried 2205 (according to the manual) and it doesn't seem correct. Will a smaller number cause it to show slower or faster speeds?

A smaller number will slow it down.I run 84.5in on my ico converted that is 2146.It was dead on compared to my stock Odo and my last enduro. :)

Hey ThumperWR450F,

2150 should be in the ball park but I suspect your magnet may not be mounted in a good position. Just check the mounting instructions and review your installation. Mine gets up into the 80's wide open if fifth.

how can my magnet not be mounted in a good spot? i replaced a rotor bolt like the instructions said.

It says in the instructions that the magnet has a working range with the sensor. Look at the picture and make sure you are in a good position as per the picture. The position of the sensor may have to move but the magnet is in a fixed position.

ok i checked the senor and it was barely making contact with the magnet .i moved the sensor down about 3/4" now the magnet runs through the middle of the sensor. before wide open 5th gear it said 35 mph now it says 102 mph.i'm still a little skeptical about that speed but the bars sure shook like a B*T*H !! i think i used 2205, but i'm not 100% on that. i'll check and post back

i was using 2150 and i set it at 2205 and i'll post back later with the results.

You are on the right track. Smaller number will yield a slower top speed. I think that some of the members said their bikes topped out in the mid 90's. I have yet to get past the 80's. You should be able to get it close. I would watch your tire pressures if you are going to run topped out for any length of time.

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