lights for a DRZ/KLX125L?

Is there any way to hook up a headlight on the DRZ/KLX125L? I looked at the wiring harness and cannot figure out where to splice into. I wander the parking areas at some of my races at night and a light would come in handy.

Hey Penguin,

I'm thinking of doing the same to my wife's TTR125L

Here is a Link to Kali's site where it shows how to do it.

The KLX125 should be similar.

Now if I can only find the electric starter kit for the TTR I'd have a perfect dual sport for my wife. The new 2003 TTR125L's are electric start and I notice my wifes bike has the empty space for the starter.

Did you ever get an answer on the Light, I need to install one as well.

check out website. they did all the work for you! :banghead:

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