Tail light

Hey, I was working on my bike (07 WR450) and I noticed the tail light wasn't on when the head light was on. I'm not sure if it has ever worked because I've never seen it on. Never looked for it either. I did a quick wire chase and didn't get far. I've had the rear sub up a few times while working on the carb but the wiring looks intact. What am I missing?


did you try a voltmeter? , does it light up when you hit the breaks?

Also when you lift the sub frame up, you need to watch out for the wires at the break relay - near the bottom bolt right side of subframe?

Well, that's one of my questions. Does the light only come on as a brake light or does it run all the time? I'm going to look at it now, I'll check the brake switch, thanks,


The stock 2007 WR450 doesn't have a brake light sensor unless you added one or put a dual sport kit on it?

The rear tail light should run all the time, as soon as you turn the ignition on in fact, even if the bike isn't running.

i know this is a shot in the dark, but did you check the bulb?. Not even sure if it's a bulb or LED?. I have an 08, but never investigated the tail light yet. Still worky....... if LED, than must be somthing in the circuit. Because LED's last a long time. my $.02 anyway.:crazy:

Did some investigating and followed the shop manual. I unplugged the tail light, ran jumper wires straight to the battery and the tail light lit. So the light itself works. Ranger85 is right, there is no brake light function and no wires to a switch. Must be farther upstream. I'll keep looking.


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