easy home made muffler insert that works

im not much of an engineer, but i made my own insert, it works great, heres how i did it. i looked at the plans for the gytr model, and it seems to me that it works by limiting the soundwaves exiting the pipe, hence the staggered lengths on the tubes inside. the tubes are too small to get a complete soundwave through.

i took a piece of thinwall tube (1 1/2" long) that was as close as possible to the dimension of the inside of my pipe (i found a piece of what appeared to be conduit).

then i took dimensions from the g-ytr insert for the tubes that go inside, i guessed that the geniuses that get paid for this stuff know what they are doing so i'd use their lengths, they were approx 4, 5, and 6" long. i took regular 1/2' conduit and realized that i could get four pieces of tube inside the main tube, instead of three, if i squashed them just a little. seemed to me that if i could get more tubes in while still reducing sound, i'd have to get better flow, and therefore better performance right??

so instead of the three tubes in the store bought version, i had one at 1" long, one at 3", one at 4" and the last at 5". i squashed them a little to get them to fit inside, and gas welded them in place, then i gas welded the gaps between the individual tubes so the escaping gases had to go down the tubes not past them. lastly i ground the end flat, put a small 45 degree corner around the end, welded a nut inside to accept a 10mm bolt to secure it in place, and sprayed it black. it works great. a huge difference in noise, but no major reduction in performance. (i realize that it has to change it some, but it seemed really good.)

the gytr one looks cool, but part of its pretty demeanor is that huge plug of aluminum containing the tubes. if you did away with the aluminum, it seems to me that you have much more room for tubes to take gases out. and therefore a smaller reduction in performance compared to the yamaha version.

sorry for the lack of pictures, i'm not much of a cyber nerd and have no idea of how to post pictures.

TheLimey,Alot of us here at TT have been playing with inserts,some for the stock WR pipe and others for the YZ silencer like myself.I used 1.5 in. stainless tubing to make a tailpipe for my Pro moto Billet equipped YZ silencer on my WR.Same idea applies...unequal length tubing inserted into a larger diameter tube.I used 5/8 & 1/2 tubing all stainless steel.Sound tests at 94 db.!!!I have yet to test ride (lots of snow in Michigan)I was waiting for someone to make their own GYRT insert.Well Done :)

Sorry guys but for 40 bucks I think that the GYTR is a cheap investment for quiet sound and also looks great. I have seen some of the homemade tips and they dont even come close to the looks or sounds of the GYTR unit. Just my 2 cents. Good luck with your mod. :)

I used a bannana in the tail pipe. It worked but it stank. :):D :D

Hail to the Tinkerer in you!!! Sometimes you catch mild flack from others saying you should just buy the XYZ retail mod because you are stepping on someone's idea or because it is cheap anyway...I do not think that every mod that is "borrowed" is anything more than a few guys trying to use that garage full of tools we all have...gotta justify it to the wives/girlfriends somehow!!

I have always just enjoyed seeing what exactly goes into some of the inventions out there and it's just plain fun trying to meet or exceed the "inventors" (who are building on someone else's idea by the way.)

That is the best homemade I have seen.

arent we a little quick to judge, you havent seen or heard it, but the gytr one is better looking and sounding, hmmmm, you go spend your $40 muffin. i like mine. its got more free area for gases to escape, (wouldnt that make it less restrictive?)

and it was free. i dont believe gytr exists solely because they love you or me. they are there to make money, they know that if they make it pretty enough, and reasonably effective, you will buy it. you spend your dough.Ill improve on their design.


I have been wanting to get a muffler insert for a long time but the price of the BajaDesigns insert is prohibitively expensive. I would have created my own but I don't have access to the necessary equipment (welder, etc.) I'm all for building your own if you have the know-how and tools to do so. For those of us that don't, after-market products are our only option. Fortunately, GYT-R makes one with good sound/performance characterics at a price I can afford. There will be another billet-aluminum one coming to market soon that is a bit quieter than the GYT-R at (hopefully) the same price point.

RSA210 -- NICE looking custom insert!!

Thats what happens when your waiting for the snow to melt or the trails to dry up :):D :D

if anyone has a way to post my picture, i'd be happy to e-mail it to them

thelimey, if you go to Yahoo! Photos you can sign up for a free site that you can upload your pictures to. :)

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