Jetting: 02 WR with 03 YZ Cam

I just installed the YZ cam and being the lazy guy I am. Does anyone have some good jetting specs for an 02 with the 03 cam. I fouled a the original stock plug for Yesterday. Of course it could be from me starting the bike with my hand umpteen times showing off. I am along the coast here in Va., so I don't think that the guys in Colorado would be much help. Anyone have any hints or tips, I would appreciate it.

I'm in Md. so we should be at about the same altitude. I run the fuel mixture at 2 turns out, 178 main jet and everything else stock jetting/setting. I also have the avNow which may make my bike needing to be a little leaner than your bike due to the induced fuel & air from this mod... Before the YZF e-cam I was running with the PowerNow - the setting for my fuel screw was at 2 1/4 turns out and I ran with the 178 MJ with everything else stock so the difference is only in the fuel screw mixture being 1/4 turns in. I have not tested my current jetting setup thoroughly, but from riding around my neighborhood with the stock WR can and the Vortip, the jetting seemed fine - it revved like a 2 stroke with no bogs or hickups.

I fouled my first plug today. It was a NGK CR8E. I put my original Denso back in.(had only changed it as precaution). My fuel smelled stale & I made the mistake of starting & stopping it without warming it up good.

My question is does YZ timing make WR's foul plugs easier? I had heard this but did not really believe. I have only run one race since 03 YZ cam change.

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