200X Carb specs

I just did this mod and I'm pleased with the results. The bike starts much, much easier than with a rejetted stock carb, the top end is improved, throttle response is better, and the darn choke lever is in the right place now. Trevor was right about that.

I have some jetting specs, for those interested. I live near sea level, and the temperature was about 45 to 50 degrees when I jetted. Here's what I have so far:

40 pilot, 2 turns out on the fuel screw

125 main

leanest clip position on needle (for now)

I run a BBR pipe, and have the airbox mod along with the BBR free flow filter. The bike starts with little or no choke, and runs without the choke immediately. The bottom end response is crisp, and it revs right through the mid to the top end with improved response. The torque feels stronger too, as taking off in third gear is now no strain compared to before. I'll post updates after a race or two in warmer weather.

There was a fitment issue with the airbox boot. The 200X carb's intake bell is actually a SMALLER diameter than the stock one, yet the body of the carb is longer. What I did was use a Dremel tool to trim 1/4" off the boot where it meets the carb. This way the boot doesn't need to bend and deform to fit the carb. Also, the boot is a smaller diameter there, allowing a better fit at the carb intake. It appears close to stock now, and runs even better.

what intake did you use? I'm thinking of trying this myself. My ttr is stock except for a bbr pipe and aftermarket air filter. Have you tried the bbr cam?

O, what year carb? Thanks!

There is an adapter that BBR sells for $35. It changes the flange mount to a spigot mount where the carb goes into the manifold. I used an '85 200X carb that I found on Ebay, with a rebuild kit and the richer main jet (and yes, I saved money doing it this way).

Since I finished the jetting the other day, I've gone out three different times to start the bike. In 30 degrees, cold engine, the bike starts with one kick. No kidding. I have since moved the clip to the #2 position to clean up a small cough it had in the low end (it's even better response now). I don't think the temperature change will do THAT much to my settings, as I used my wife's TTR as a comparison. I don't have the cam yet, and the way the bike runs now, I don't know if I'll get it. The bike has that "little extra" that I was looking for, and I'd like to keep it mostly stock.

Could you list all the parts you needed for this mod and how much money it cost? I'm thinking of doing it, thanks for all the info.

Thanks cyclenuts51!

I had looked on bbrs website and was of the impression that they did not sell the adapter seperately, hence my question on what intake. So, its great to know they do!

Did you make your throttle cable?

Ya, I think many of us will be battling each other on ebay for thos carbs!

Thanks for the tips, sound like just what I'm looking for too. Gotta keep it "girlfreind freindly" ya know!

I'm glad to help. To answer the price questions, I got a "Turbo Throttle" from Dennis Kirk for $39.99 plus shipping. It's actually a pretty nice polished aluminum unit that includes the cable, and the action is smooth. Kirk isn't the lowest price around, but their service is EXCELLENT, and they have a broad selection. Here's the breakdown on total costs involved: (figure on shipping costs as well)

'85 200X carb on Ebay - $39.99

Turbo Throttle w/cable - $39.99

CNC Aluminum adapter from BBR - $35

Moose Utilty Division Carb rebuild kit - $14.99

Starts on one kick in any weather - PRICELESS :)

Figure around $150 for the mod, plus your time. The temp outside now is almost 70, so I'm going to play a bit and note any jetting needs. I richened the needle by one clip position, and it seems to be spot on now.

Thanks a million Cyclenut! That is just what I needed to know. BBR sells all that for $300 and you got it for $150, thats pretty good. I'll be looking into to doing this mod soon, but flywheel is looking kinda heavy.

Hello. I was just wondering what size the 200X carb was? a 24mm or a 26mm? If it's a 26mm I might try to put it on my CRF150.

Your motor is derived from the XR200/200X motor, I believe. I checked Honda's website and found that your bike in fact has a 24mm carb already, and I believe it would be similar to the one I have now. The TTRs really suffer in the starting and warming up dept., so this carb was a fix as much as an upgrade. I would check the mini XR forum, as they may know what will work for that bike. Good luck! :)

I just won my carb on ebay! Off to visit Dennis Kirk and the twist grips!

Thanks again cyclenuts! And yes, please do keep us aprised of your jetting findings!

Oh ok. I thought it was a differnt carb than my CRF. I was hoping it was bigger like a 26mm to put on my bike. Maybe a 2 stroke 28mm, I dunno. :)

lunatic695 the carb on your bike is like cyclenuts51 said a 24mm. You can put on the XR200 carb that is 26mm and I imagine the CRF230 carb is probably the same size. Some of the later XR200 appear to be listed with 24mm carbs so an old carb off a 80-83 or 85 on might be the go. Somebody over on the XR side might know exactly. Power increase would be reasonable and top end improved but I think you will hit the inbuilt revlimiter pretty easily. A BBR rev box should solve that problem. More money, more money.... Where does it all end???? :):D :D

I have got good news for you lunatic :). BBR makes a 28mm carb. for your bike.

I think it's a 26mm. And also I don't have the money to go all out BBR, just the little stuff. I was thinking about waiting for Powroll to come out with some stuff before i really make up my mind on BBR.

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