9:00 PM tonight (9-5-02)California Connected TV show about ECO groups vs OHV groups

Tonights rebroadcast of the California Connected show is listed on Direct TV satellite on station LA28 channel 948, at 9:00PM tonight(9-5-02). It's about the eco extremist groups that are shutting our riding areas down. This time is listed as Pacific Standard time(California).

Thanks for the heads-up. I wonder if that means another broadcast on cable as well for those of us who don't have DirectTV???


Can you tape the show? I'd love to see it but don't have DirectTV.


Did anyone catch this broadcast? Were there any positive insights? Anything resolved? Did we get another blackeye?


Yeah, I caught it and should have taped it. If it replays, I will. It was on PBS, so I think anyone with rabbit ears could have watched it.

The issue was the Imperial Sand Dunes recreation and the Peirson's Milk Vetch weed. Personally, I thought the program was slanted to the enviro side (big surprise), but it did portray the off-roader?s point of view fairly well.

The worst part for us (off-roaders in general), was footage of Thanksgiving weekend at Glamis. Thousands of drunken lunatics dancing around bonfires, racing around in their sand rails, and girls flashing their boobies. They also had pictures of those fake little "Closed Area" signs with plenty of tire tracks going right past the sign. A BLM dude said that the tracks are proof that off-roaders do not respect the environment.

To me, the enviro angle was weak. "Look at this beautiful plant that only grows here" kind of thing, when they are looking at an ugly weed I would pluck from my lawn in a heartbeat. Oh well, to each his own.

That being said, I must comment on how organized the sand rail guys are. We should be taking notes. These guys are doing it right and getting results. Very impressive stuff. I was so impressed I just donated $20 to their organization.

American Sand Association: http://www.glamisonline.org/survey

I think it made offroaders look bad. They showed everything that was crazy! Guy's jumping over firepits, drinking and just getting crazy! Not a true picture of the families that go riding, but just alot of non-riding kids going out there to party. Out of thousands of people "offroading",they

showed one lady enjoying her hike through the dunes,

and saying how the offroaders are distroying the dunes! They want to make it limited access! Alot of sand and when the winds blow all visable tracks disapear!

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