Re: DonJoy w/knee and shin armor...does it fit?

I am ever so close to setting myself up with DonJoy "Action Armor" knee brace....thats the brace that has the added accessory of a knee cup and shin guard attatched...from the pictures i've seen of it, the attatched knee and shin guard looks to be a bit "bulky"....if there is anyone useing it i would appreciate your comments/input......just seems to me that the shin guard might be to invasive/move around, or generally cause everything to move as it looks like it has to go way down inside your boot, where the asterisk lokos to have the the smallest profile....any input is appreciated.....----bob :)

trust me you wont notice them at all.

the only time i remember im wearing em is when i take my race jeans off at the end of the day

don't know about the donjoy, but i just ot the asterisks and love them.

I've been running the DJ's for 5 months. In my case, they don't even go into my boot. I use the SIDI Force SRS. The braces are great, not bulky or restrictive.

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