Swapping to YZ250F forks/shock

Got the opportunity to swap over these parts from an 06 YZ250F to my 07 WR450F. I hear these forks swap straight over using my wheel and clamps. I was going to use my upgraded springs into the 250 suspension. Is it worth it and should I swap the shock over as well or just the forks?

The rear spring should fit without a problem. The fronts will not; two different forks. You will almost certainly also find that both the shock and forks need to be re-valved in order to perform well on the heavier bike.

The other problem you will encounter is that the '06 YZF fork tubes are spaced 2mm wider in the clamps than yours are. If you use the forks in your clamps, the axle will overhang on the right side by 2mm, and the wheel will be off center by 1mm. There may also be caliper/rotor alignment problems. You would be better off to switch the steering stems and use the YZF clamps.

Thanks for that info going to get the wr forks revalved instead!

If I wanted to revalve a WR, I would talk with Dave Johnson at Smart Performance. He can either do the work for you, or sell you a DIY kit for the fork and the shock.

Dave had an almost obsessive determination that he was going to make the single chamber KYB fork work, and he finally got it done with a radical departure from simple shim shuffling. His Phase 4 forks for the old YZ426/450 were unbelievably good. Now he has expended his latest technology to include the WR. If you don't look into this, you'll be missing your best shot at really great suspension, IMO.

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