OK, DRZ is worth mods, where is least $ to get em

I see that the 2001 DRZ400S is worth the mods especially if I do a little more street than dirt. I appreciat all the excellent feedback.

So let's see what you think about this, where is the best place to get the following mods. Time and money well spent!

14/47 sprockets

Dyno Jet kit I want to run a stock muffler so I need the appropriate jetting, DO I HAVE TO SPECIFY OR DOES IT COME EQUIPPED WITH THE RIGHT JETTING?

UFO tail/stop and turn signal mod. I went to local MC shop and parts department only showed mod for RM will it work. I expect it will. Price was $59.95

I am not very good about knowing where to find these parts on the net. The local shop quoted about $190 + tax for all this stuff. Sounds high and I could probably get it cheaper on the net with your help.

Thanks again,


rocky mountain motorcycles is good source for cheap parts


or www.denniskirk.com

Recommend steel sprockets rather than aluminum, unless you're willing to sacrifice longevity for lighter weight and higher price. fourstrokes chew up aluminum quickly

you can get the ufo piece and dynojet kit from baja designs, I think, wwww.bajadesigns.com. specify your bike model and they'll send the right parts.

Searches on this site will yield good info on how to do these mods yourself.

Thanks for the information, I saw that Renthal had steel front sprockets and aluminum rear. When you said get steel sprockets do you mean for front and rear?

Thanks again,

SAM :)

"do you mean for front and rear"

Yep he did :)

If you want to save bucks,don't bother with the dynojet kit,just do the 3"x3" mod and rejet..you will find the appropriate jetting specs if you do a search.

I was running the mod with 150 main,27.5 pilot,then I spent out on a dynojet kit(which cost a lot as you can't get it in the uk)and I don't think there is much difference,if any at all!

As far as I am concerned the dj kit was a waste of cash

The jet kit has the needle jet which you can't get anywhere else.

As an interesting side note, I tried hard to find the needle as a seperate item to no end, as I went with Burneds advice on the 3X3 mod using the stock jets and his fuel screw adjustments. Cost me $55 for the kit, which I thought was a bit steep for the needle and spring as the only bits I used, but when I compared it to the price at bajadesigns I realized what a great deal I got. Bajadesigns runs their DJ kits around $50-60. So what you say.....check my location. I paid $55 CDN for the kit from Parts Canada through my dealer, and it included stage 1 and 2 parts. Given an exchange rate of about $1.47 Cdn to a US buck, I got the kit for about $28 US :) Perhaps that post regarding the TT helping hands program could have some benefit working North to South as well. Some isolated pieces of kit up here cost the same in Canadian bucks as they do in US $, the DJ kit is an example. That means for our US DRZ brethern, some things are literally half price :D!! As a suggestion, perhaps check out a Cdn online site (and they're arent many of them) such as www.royaldistributing.com (mainly an ATV dealer), check out the Cdn price compared to what you'd be paying in the States, and maybe we can run this x-border deal in reverse to benefit some of you in the sunny south. I'd be willing to help in this regard wherever I could, and I'm sure my fellow canucks would as well. I keep losing E-bay bids for the flip side of this deal, as $40 US may not seem like much of a bid, but thats almost $80 Cdn, so it quickly loses its appeal as a good deal. $60 US may be a bit steep to pay for a kit that you use just the needle and spring, but $30 US ($60 Cdn) may be more palatable. Sniff around some Cdn sites, check out what US customs would charge etc and if I can help, let me know. :D

Very true about parts in Canada, bikes too! There are a lot of parts that are cheaper up here then in the USA.

For people in the USA, check out Machine Racing or Parker Brothers, there isn't much on their site but they can get just about anything.

As for customs to the USA, I don't think there ever is any.

va3mod- Thanks, good suggestion to think both directions. I'm planning on being up in the Saulte Ste. Marie and around Searchmont area this summer. Might be worth while to check out the local shops :) . By the way, any good riding around Elliot Lake or are you more familar with Southern Ontario?. Oops, not trying to hijack the thread- but what a great idea - even if just picking up plugs & brake pads! Unpackage and throw into the tool kit.


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