ow ow ow ow ow

Big mortality check yesterday,

Went riding at a great track here called Elsworth. Perfect condition track etc, but very windy, making jumping fairly tricky. Towards the end of the day I came over this big ski jump which is really steep up, and has a step halfway down the backside that you need to clear but can't see till your in the air. I'm claiming it was a big gust that caught me, but who knows? Anyhow I went up in the air, the front just kept on lifting, so i went too high and not far enough. I caught the downhill step with my rear wheel , the bike being nearly vertical at this point. It catapulted me over the front, as I hit the ground the bike bounced onto me. Luckily I had my armor on but it ripped right thru my gear and hurt like [@#$%&*!].

I now have lots of big red marks where the armor dug in, serious bruising and a lot of swelling around my spine. Everything has stiffened up and is starting to get sore. ow ow ow ow ow

Being so hardcore, i left it a while then went out and did a few more laps, only saw the swelling etc when i got undressed. Wish I hadnt put those extra laps in now


I had a similar thing happen when making my last lap on a track. Except my front tire came down on a rock. Then the bike landed on my back and wouldn't stall. I had no back armor, and when I went to lift up (push up style) I felt the tire and sprocket against my skin and my shirt got yanked in and torn off. So I stayed under the bike for a few minutes waiting for it to stall out. After about five minutes, no dice on the engine quitting. It was idling away in 3rd gear with no pressure on the drive train to kill the motor. So I did the only thing I could think of which was to arch my back so the spocket would miss me, and the tire would rub against my shoulders and upper back to stall the engine. It worked, but it killed and took some major skin burning. When I got to the emergency room, I had recieved tire and sprocket damage from the first attempt to get up. Looks fine now as this was about 15 years ago. Note to self and others, don't do massive jump riding when alone.

My guess is you gave a bit to much throttle on the last feet of the jump and caught big traction. I've done that too. Best advice for 4 stroke jumping, keep the throttle steady on the face. If you chopped the throttle the rear tire slowing might have brought the front end back down too, or tapping the rear brake.

Good luck with your wounds. :)

That sounds nasty, atleast I wasn't stuck under it tho it did hit me really hard. Stupid thing is I know all the tricks and normally jump just fine, but on this occasion I just kind of froze and watched it happening before me like it was to someone else. Weird


Kinda like looping out doing a wheelie. Your mind is thinking back brake, pull in clutch, and your legs are screaming go for the ground. :)

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