No spark on 2000 WR400

I have a wr400 that I am trying to resurrect from the dead. I just rebuilt the motor, but am an electrical idiot. I have a manual for a 03wr but not the 00wr. Any help with a wiring diagram for an 00wr would be great and/or any sugestions on how to trouble shoot not having spark. I have checked all the connections already but do not know any of the voltages or resistance readings to check with a volt meter. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Make sure that the kill switch wires are not pinched under the tank causing no spark. This happen to a friend after a YZ rebuild.

I found a manual for a 99 yz on motoman393's sight. I think that it is close but I can use all the help I can get. Dose any one have a manual for a wr400? Mine is a 2000 All I need is a wiring diagram and the electical inspection pages, I think that it is in chapter 6.

Ya I checked that I have the tank off and all unnecessary plugs unplugged. I think at this point I need a manual or someone that knows how to trouble shoot this model year bike.

Thanks for the reply anyway.

Any other ideas?

Go to the "WR performance index" sticky at the top of the forum and search in WR manuals on pdf. type in your bike info and a WR400f manual is available for download. WR Dave

Thanks for the info.

I tried to open the pdf file but I get a corrupt file notification every time. It would be nice to have but I already got some copy's from the local dealership.

Dose anyone know what kind of output voltage the stator should be putting out? The manual doesn't say.

Found my problem. The previous owner pulled the flywheel off and when they did they ran the puller bolts in to far and ran one in to the primary coil, cutting into the coil wrap and breaking some of the wires inside.:crazy:

A 300 dollar oops.

Found a place in Canada, Rmstator that I am going to try for repairing the stator.

Let yall know how it comes out.

or you can send it to ricky stator in plastow, NH

Or, you can have my 99 WR400 stator (I upgraded mine to a 120 Watt unit), but it only puts out 80 Watts as opposed to the 120 Watts of the 2000+ bikes. The only downside is that you can't run very bright lights.

Let me know if you want it with your address.

What do you want for it?

I talked to them and they couldn't do it. I also talked to baja designs and a couple of other places as well.RM stator was the only place that said that they would do it.

What do you want for it?

You can have it. PM me your address.

I want to thank SXP for the stator. The bike runns great now. Three kicks and we were off and running.

FYI RM stator informed me that the stator for the 2000 WR that I sent them are not repairable, every place in the country that I tried said the same thing.

So thanks again SXP for getting me up and running.:thumbsup:

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